Ross O Hennessy
Ross O'Hennessy Ross O’Hennessy is best known for his portrayal as ‘Rattleshirt’ in The Lord of the Bones in Game of Thrones however his appearances in Television are vast including Sgt Johnson in Torchwood, Sir Locke in The Bastard Executioner, Commander Quattrone in Da Vinci’s Demons, Barbier in The Musketeers and Bruce Maverick in Hollyoaks to name a few.


You can find out more about Ross and his work over at his website and Social sites below:

Toby Philpott
Toby Philpott Ladies and Gentleman, we have Mr Toby Philpott, Co-Pilot  puppeteer of Jabba The Hutt in Return of the Jedi!

In real life he is known as Toby Philpott and spent 33 years as a self-employed performer (comedy juggler) and teacher (circus).

Although he has played many parts, Toby seems to remain most famous for performing as half of Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. Toby will be on hand to sign photographs on the day. More info on that will be released soon!

Find out more about Toby and his work here:
Slimy Piece of worm ridden filth

JP29 Jurassic Park Jeep
JP29 Jeep With the newest movie in the Jurassic Park franchise being released just 2 days after our event, we would’ve been silly not to invite Matt and his Juassic Park replica JP29 Jeep back to Caerphilly Comic Con.

A big thanks to Matt Darlington for bringing this down to Caerphilly for you all to see.

Padam Singh
Electric Soup Cover This is an exciting one for us! Padam Singh is a Glasgow based writer and comic book illustrator and was one of the principle creator and contributors to the Glasgow cult underground humour comic book called Electric Soup, which ran from 1989 to 1992. The humour was very Glaswegian and was initially influence by Viz however it had its own unique style and can be argued was more superior in its artwork and writing.
Cast of Generation Y
We welcome the main cast of Generation Y – TV Series by the local film studio, Cinescope as our guest and another one of our main schools’ competition sponsors!!!