Cosplay Guidelines


Please note that due to the current security climate, we will not allow the following items:

  • Real or realistic looking guns, explosives and ammo.
  • Metal blades of any variety.
  • Other miscellaneous sharp items, including but not limited to arrows, bolts and claws.
  • Any heavy item that could be used as a bat or club.
  • No naked flames or electricity.
  • Any other item that is prohibited by law.

***When travelling to an from the event, please ensure that all weapons are kept out of view and stored away appropriately.***


Please remember that this is a family event in association with a children’s charity. We simply ask that all costumes are respectful of this. Nudity and excessive exposure is forbidden.

If your costume limits your vision or movement, please ensure you have a guide with you

Due to Leisure Centre policies, they have requested that we ask for no high heels to be worn. We would also like to extend this to any skates, roller blades and other wheeled methods of transport (Excluding wheelchairs and pushchairs).

***If you have any queries or would like to discuss a specific costume or prop, please use the contact form to get in touch***