Why Do We Do This?

Last year we raised over £4000, in fact, we raised £4143.36 for the Caerphilly Children Centre. This year we hope to raise £10,000 for Sense Touchbase Centre, Caerphilly.

Vik recently went back to Caerphilly Children Centre and met up Lee, who very gratefully updated us on how the community donations were spent and how the funds are still benefitting the centre to this very day!

The funds were spent on over 125 pieces of specialist equipment and toys for the centre! Lee had the following to say about how this has helped!

“The Equipment and toys purchased with the money from Comic Con are all being used by staff and volunteers to support the ongoing development of a large variety of children as well as bringing joy and happiness to them.  Without these kind donations we would not have been able to have purchased these amazing things and we are very grateful as are our children and their families.

Also we were lucky enough to book a trip to Folly Farm for children that attend the children’s Centre and their families.  Many of these families could not have afforded a trip to the farm and many of them would not have gone without the support of our staff and volunteers.”
Lee Williams, Family Support Practitioner @ Caerphilly Childrens Centre

If you want to help us reach our target for 2018, you can Sponsor Vik for his “Assault on Mount Doom” via JustGiving or even just make a straight donation via the same link!

Buying a ticket will also be helping as all proceeds from Caerphilly Comic Con will be totalled up by Santander Bank who will then add to our total to hopefully help us reach our total target! Find out where to buy your tickets on our tickets page now!!!

A huge thank you again to everyone who helped us achieve such a fantastic amount in 2017!!!