The Welsh Ghostbusters & Iron Warrior Cosplay!!!

We’re happy to bring back The Welsh Ghostbusters who were on hand to keep any ghosts and ghouls at bay last year! They ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

The group originally started back at the end of 2013 on Facebook with a small group of fans. By the end of 2017, the group now has over 80 members with another 900 followers on their social media platforms.

Their core aim is the enjoyment their members get from attending conventions and events in which they meet other Ghostbusters fans. As part of the group’s activities, they also fundraise for charities across Wales with the last event being in aid of the Welsh Air Ambulance!


Based in south-west Wales Dyfrig Griffiths with Iron Warrior Cosplay has been building and crafting for over 5 years. He has put his heart and soul into pursuing his passion for cosplay and continues to do so today, attending a huge amount of events all over the UK.