Weird Triangle

Weird Triangle

WEIRD TRIANGLE is all about creating designs that may make you smile, laugh, think, cry, engage and hopefully encourage people to be themselves.

They are inspired by the things that they enjoy (sci-fi, comics, movies, tv, books, music, long walks on the beach, etc.) as well as the world around them (nature, science, community, people) and try to bring some of these influences into everything they design.

Founded by Craig and Raj out of a shared interest in creating things that were different and special, WEIRD TRIANGLE is about bringing form, function and innovation into the world as an act of radical beauty. It is about not being afraid to say something about yourself and the positive change you can make to world around you. It is about reflecting who you truly are.

As well as producing our own designs, WEIRD TRIANGLE offers bespoke design and printing services on t-shirts and a range of other garments, mugs, keyrings, magnets and phone cases. Email them for more information and pricing.

WEIRD TRIANGLE are very proud to be supporting and producing the official t-shirt for CAERPHILLY COMIC CON 2017. Now available for pre-order on the website (for collection at the event).

Email: info
Twitter: @weird_triangle
Tel: 07841 021 869