Padam Singh 

This is an exciting one for us! Padam Singh is a Glasgow based writer and comic book illustrator and was one of the principle creator and contributors to the Glasgow cult underground humour comic book called Electric Soup, which ran from 1989 to 1992. The humour was very Glaswegian and was initially influence by Viz however it had its own unique style and can be argued was more superior in its artwork and writing.

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The Welsh Ghostbusters

The group originally started back at the end of 2013 on Facebook with a small group of fans. By the end of 2017 the group is now over 80 members with another 900 followers across our social media platforms.

Our core aim is the enjoyment our members get from attending conventions and events in which we meet other Ghostbusters fans. As part of the groups activities we also fund raise for charities across Wales with our last events being in aid of the Welsh Air Ambulance.

Simon Wyatt

Wyatt was born with graphite running through his veins and a wild imagination. After devouring Star Wars Weekly Comics and various Marvel / DC titles as a child, he became majorly influenced by the artwork of John Byrne, the Buscema Bros, Ross Andru, Alan Davis, Geoge Perez, Mike Mignola, Michael Golden, Arthur Adams, John Romita Jr and Bernie Wrightson, to name a few. It was a John Byrne Iron Fist reprint in a UK Marvel Super Heroes comic which inspired him to become a published comic artist and illustrator.

Wyatt was also awarded winner of POW!’s Cataclysmic Contest of Awesome Art by none other than Stan (the Man) Lee himself! He regularly produces various types of illustration work – Magazine covers, Cd & Album Cover Art, spot, book & educational illustration, gag strips, calendars, portraits, cartoons and caricatures (and has also created concept art for role-playing games and Iron Maiden’s design studio!). Published illustrations have also appeared in Haunted Maidstone and Cryptids In The Movies by Neil Arnold, The Real Men In Black And The Slenderman Mysteries by Nick Redfern and Discovery Channel’s Unexplained files (Episode 5 – The Mothman). He has also produced various illustrations for Paranormal Magazine, (ranging from bizarre monsters and cryptids, to real vampires, Bigfoot and extreme military scare tactics)

Simon Williams

I am a UK based professional comic artist who has worked on several Panini UK titles, starting off by drawing THE TRANSFORMERS and ACTION MAN, and then moving on to Panini’s range of MARVEL titles, drawing characters such as THE INCREDIBLE HULK, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN and DEATH’S HEAD… thus achieving a life long dream of drawing my favourite heroes. My work has been featured in many American comic-book publications, including TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS and MARS ATTACKS JUDGE DREDD from IDW,  a pin-up featured in Erik Larsen’s SAVAGE DRAGON (issue 193, published by Image Comics), and the cover to WWE SUPERSTARS issue 10, published by Super Genius Comics (which was written by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley!). This was another dream come true, as I’m a huge Wrestling fan, and both Mick and the Undertaker are all-time favourites of mine! My ambition is to someday draw for Marvel Comics in the US… specifically to work on the INCREDIBLE HULK, a character for whom I’ve been a life-long fan (and the reason I wanted to become a comic artist). Aside from comics, I have also produced artwork for various other forms of media, such as dvds, toys and collectable merchandise. These include the UK releases of the original TRANSFORMERS cartoon from Metrodome, and THE INCREDIBLE HULK (1966, 1982 and 1996 shows), the 90’s X-MEN series and SPIDER-MAN (both the 1967 and 90’s shows) from Clear-Vision. On the Action Figure front, a HeroClix of the Marvel Comics character DEATH’S HEAD was released in 2013, which was based upon artwork by myself (inked by David Roach and coloured by Jason Cardy) which was published in Panini Comic’s DEATH’S HEAD vol.2 collection. I am also the creator of the DISCOTRONIC FUNK Commandos, and the YMCAgent– a group of superheroes from the 1970s who will be the lead characters in RETRO TALES, a creator-owned project published as part of my own RETRO COMICS GROUP imprint. While in the process of creating the RETRO TALES concept, I collaborated with both Hollywood TV and movie legend David Hasselhoff, and Rock Warrior/Legend Jon Mikl-Thor on various projects. These included developing and co-creating The Hoff: Heroes Of Fearless Freedom with David Hasselhoff, and also producing album artwork for Thor’s Aristocrat of Victory and Thunderstryke 2 albums. In 2016, I also produced artwork for Thor’s Rock Odyssey show, which was held in New York City’s Highline Ballroom. I even got to design a new Armor for the Rock Warrior to wear, which Thor wore on the night! In 2016, I was fortunate to work with Star Wars legend Warwick Davis, along with Chris Wilkins-Nelson on artwork for their new musical EUGENIUS, which debuted at the London Palladium on the 29th June 2016.

Mike Collins

Creating comics for over 25 years, starting on Spider-Man and Transformers for Marvel UK, he has worked for Marvel, DC2000AD and a whole host of other publishers. In that time he’s written or drawn pretty much all the major characters for each company- Wonder WomanBatmanSupermanFlashTeen TitansX-Men (where he introduced Gambit to the Marvel Universe), Captain BritainJudge DreddSlaineRogue TrooperDarkstarsPeter Cannon: Thunderbolt and  more. He currently draws a series of noir crime fiction graphic novels –Varg Veum– in Norse. He is World Famous in Norway.

In recent years, Mike is perhaps best known for his work with the characters from BBC’s Doctor Who since the TV show’s triumphant return. He has the longest uninterrupted run as artist on the strip in Panini’s Doctor Who Magazine, and pencilled the debut stories of the first three new Doctors. He illustrated two successful BBC original Doctor Who graphic novels, and has drawn for the US IDW Doctor Who comic book series. Mike has also worked as a storyboard artist on the show since 2013 working closely with the directors. Mike has also illustrated a volume of Doctor Who merchandise – some of which has been featured in the Big Bang Theory! To commemorate 50 years since the moon landing, Mike collaborated with Matt Fitch and Chris Baker to produce a full length graphic novel titled “Apollo” published by Self Made Hero, which has proved so popular it has already gone to a second print! 

As well as Doctor Who, Mike has also storyboarded for Sherlock, , Class, Knightfall, Discovery of Witches, Warhammer 40KIgam OgamClaudeHana’s Helpline and Horrid Henry. As well as the soon to be released TV adaptations of Good Omens, and His Dark Materials. Outside of comics he has provided graphics and/or storyboards for clients as diverse as the Daily TelegraphCoca-ColaHyundaiLifebuoy, Virgin Media and Colmans. Also venturing into the music industry, producing a music video for Agnetta and Gary Barlow and illustrating the cover art for Shy FX and T Power’s album “Set It Off”. Mike is committed to using comics as an educational tool, running workshops in schools and libraries throughout Wales, targeting ‘reluctant learners’ and was heavily involved in the Read A Million Words In Wales initiative. He’s also the creator of the first ever Welsh language graphic novel Mabinogi, a companion piece for the Cartwyn Cymru animated film of the Celtic myths. The adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (script Sean Michael Wilson) for Classical Comics was cited as one of the top ten graphic novels of 2010 by The Sunday Times. He garnered an improbable amount of publicity for drawing a comic based on the Royal Wedding, which -through an unlikely series of events- led him to cover the actual proceedings as a reporter for Dutch TV. No, really. He lives in Cardiff,Walesand his studio is a short walk away from The Rift.

UKCM – Who are we?

The United Kingdom Colonial Marine Corps is an Aliens costume group made up of disparate individuals from all walks of life, with one common factor. Students, CEOs, parents, engineers or artists we all share a love for the Alien movies – Especially James Cameron’s second instalment, from which we take our name.

We get together whenever we can to portray the Colonial Marines from that film, wearing replicas of the original costumes and carrying replicas of the original props to do so. Of course, Marines need Aliens, and we have a few tame Xenomorphs that often accompany us to conventions and other such events. We’re often asked if their costumes are uncomfortable, which is a odd question since none of us have ever seen an Alien wear a costume! Our main job at any event we attend is to patrol the area and keep the public safe from any wild Aliens. We do try to keep our tame ones under control, but bugs will be Bugs and sometimes the can get a bit frisky. Things generally work out in the end, though, and we’ve never let a civilian get eaten. Not often, anyway.

In all seriousness, we’re simply a group of friends and fans who meet up to dress up. We try to entertain people who see us at events, and on occasion will help promote new films or games in the Alien franchise, as well as doing our best to help raise a few pennies for various children’s charities whenever we can.”

UK JP29 Jurassic Park Jeep

Established in 2004, Star Car Hire is one of the UK & Ireland’s leading suppliers of specialist vehicles for Weddings, Events, TV & Film & Photo Shoots. We offer an array of vehicles for services including;

• TV & Film  • Photo Shoots • Weddings • PR & Marketing Campaigns • Promotional Opportunities • Product & Event Launches • Static Events, Exhibitions & Shows • Corporate Parties & Conferences • Themed Events • Festivals & Parades • Shopping Centre & Car Showroom Displays

We have a fleet of famous TV & Movie replicas available for exhibition & display in any UK or Ireland. Vehicles include TV and Film Legends such as;

• The General Lee (The Dukes of Hazzard)  • Bumblebee (Transformers)  • The A-Team Van  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  • Back to the Future Deloreans  • James Bond style Aston Martins  • Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1  • K.I.T.T. (Knightrider)  • The Eleanor GT500 Mustang (Gone in 60 Seconds)  • Many more

For theme events & filming we have a fantastic range of iconic vehicles such as NYC taxi cabs, 1950s Cuban style cars, Gangster Cars, Police & Emergency vehicles, F1 racing cars, Army vehicles & more. Our vehicles are guaranteed to be the focal point of any display or attraction & are suitable for any product or campaign.

The Throne

Victoria Maclean is the creator of the ORIGINAL and ONLY HBO celebrated, fan made Throne, based on the hit TV show Game of Thrones. Which has been used and signed by various cast members. Built over a period of 4 months the Throne has gone through a number of variations since it was completed over two years ago. From the time of completion the Throne has toured the country, appearing at various fan conventions, Comic Cons, Music Video’s, private parties, Weddings, functions, charity events, photo shoots, advertising campaigns and Award ceremonies. It has been covered in various national newspapers and magazines and has even appeared on Television documentaries and  in numerous YouTube videos.  

To ask for more details or to hire the Throne please send us an enquiry on Facebook, e-mail us at or call on 07830 190588

Steam Punk

After fantastic feedback from 2018, we’ve invited our Steampunk friends back to Caerphilly Comic Con, to host their own little mini-festival within our event again!

Join them for the return of Tea Duelling (with an all new rule set!) alongside the spectacle that is Teapot Racing!!!

To top it all off, we’ll have some of the finest independent steampunk traders in the area!!!