Toby Philpott
Toby Philpott Ladies and Gentleman, we have Mr Toby Philpott, Co-Pilot  puppeteer of Jabba The Hutt in Return of the Jedi!

In real life he is known as Toby Philpott and spent 33 years as a self-employed performer (comedy juggler) and teacher (circus).

Although he has played many parts, Toby seems to remain most famous for performing as half of Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. Toby will be on hand to sign photographs on the day. More info on that will be released soon!

Find out more about Toby and his work here:
Slimy Piece of worm ridden filth

Claire Gutteridge
Claire has been working from her base in Cardiff, UK for the last five years, working in both TV and Film.  She started as an SA in background roles and has recently gained featured roles.

She has recently appeared, as Sherlock’s Holmes younger mother in the Series 4 finale – “The Final Problem”, adding a new character from Sherlock’s younger years to the Sherlock cast.

Francois Pandolfo
Dr Who fans are sure to love this one. Please give a warm welcome to Francois Pandolfo!

Francois Pandolfo is best known for his portrayal of Quintus in Dr Who’s “The Fires of Pompeii” alongside David Tennant and Peter Capaldi.

However his appearances on TV and Film are extensive, including EastEnders as Enrico di Clemente, Casualty as Andrew Temple, Baker Boys as Andy and alongside Eve Myles and Tati’s Hotel as Marcello.

Padam Singh
Electric Soup Cover Padam Singh will be joining us for a Q&A Art session, as well as freehand drawings at the show. This is an exciting one for us! Padam Singh is a Glasgow based writer and comic book illustrator and was one of the principle creator and contributors to the Glasgow cult underground humour comic book called Electric Soup, which ran from 1989 to 1992. The humour was very Glaswegian and was initially influence by Viz however it had its own unique style and can be argued was more superior in its artwork and writing.
Art of Dave Charlton-Whitaker
Dr. Who by Dave Charlton-Whitaker Dave Charlton-Whitaker will be doing live art demonstrations. Dave loved art as he was growing up, however joined the British Armed Forces as he left school. Dave served as a combat engineer and Physical training instructor for 7 years and is now a personal trainer and life style coach. After purchasing a stylus, a pen and some software, Dave reignited his passion for art and has had a crazy 3 years leading us up until today.

The Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters
The Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters When there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood… Who you gonna call?! The Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters!!

Founded by Dyfrig Griffiths in 2016 The Carmarthenshire Ghosbusters have raised £235 for LATCH the Welsh children’s cancer charity of Cardiff. They are now moving on to their next charity endeavour, so please come join the amazing Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters who shall be wondering about the convention and are more than willing to help with any of your paranormal needs.

The Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters

Kathryn Mills
Kathryn Mills Kathryn is currently a 23 year old digital artist based in Cardiff, and has been working on her comic series for about a year now. Her main comic, Welcome to the World, is based on her experiences in university.

The main character has both mental and physical disabilities, so when she is given the opportunity to join a virtual reality game, she jumps at the opportunity to reinvent herself.

The aim of the story is to show the growth of, and the relationships between, the characters as they adventure through the world.

Find out more about Kathryn and her work here: