Golden Tickets

A limited number of Golden Tickets’ have started to be given out to schools who have signed up for the Caerphilly Borough Schools competition, part of the Caerphilly Comic Con 15th June 2019.

Each school that takes part in the Charity Superhero dress up day on the 7th & 14th of June and participates in the schools Comic Art & Costume design competition is automatically given an allocation of Golden Tickets.

The Golden Tickets are then given to each pupil of that school which entitles them a special entry of £1. Please keep on checking back for announcements.

They are limited on a first come, first serve basis. Do not miss the hottest ticket in the Caerphilly borough!

Full details have been sent to schools in Caerphilly Borough. Parents, if you haven’t heard anything from your child’s school, please ask your school (must be in the Caerphilly Borough) to contact us as soon as possible.