The Sully Smugglers

Caerphilly Comic Con is proud to announce the Smugglers Cove activity zone on 10th June. It’s the place to be for all your pirate needs, don’t miss the chance to be a pirate for a day.

We gratefully welcome the Sully Smugglers our friends and hosts of the Cove on the 10th June. They are sure to make a pirate out of you!

Now for some history and information about the Sully Smugglers! Make sure you follow and lookout for future events the pirates will be hosting over the summer months in Wales.

A date not to be missed by any pirate or pirate to be! The South Wales Pirate Festival 19-20th August, Caldicot Castle & Country Park. For more information and latest news about the event, head to their Facebook page or come and see the pirates on the 10th June at Caerphilly Comic Con.

The Sully Smugglers are a historic re-enactment group who portray the story of Thomas Knight the smuggler King of Barry Island.

Knight and his crew fortified the shores of Barry Island and ran a fleet of heavily armed ships from there including the 24 gun Brigg the John O’Combe, importing spirits and tobacco from the channel isles and soap from island.

So fearsome and well armed where knight and his men that the revenue men refused to pursue them and ran in fear of their lives. The smuggling activities were wide spread and prevalent in the Bristol Channel largely due to the complex and hard to enforce import regulations of the day.

Sully smugglers use the story of Thomas knight to portray the history of smuggling in the area during the mode and late 18th century in an entertaining and engaging manner. The group has been together for over 10 years and have run and participated in numerous events and festivals across the country including, Barry Talk Ships, Bristol Harbour festival, South Wales Pirate festival, Ross Pirate Festival, Raglan. Pirate festivals in Porthcawl, Brixham,Sheapy and many more.

Working with local councils and event organisers the Sully Smugglers offer an interactive experience presented by experienced historic interpreters. All members are fully insured and all activities are thoroughly risk assessed. Depending on requirements our activities include: Meet the Captain and sign your articles to join the crew. Musket and sword drill Cannon demonstrations Knot tying and other crafts, ship wright, sailmaker etc., living history encampment, ships surgeon punishments flogging, branding, walking the plank and hosted banquets.

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