Sci Fi Collection

Science Fiction Collectables

Let’s keep this train moving! Day 7 brings us another local vendor with some great merchandise. Science Fiction Collectables will be bringing a selection of items up from their shop in Bridgend.

Science Fiction Collectables sells officially licensed gifts, toys, apparel, collectables and entertainment products.

The business is owned and run by a life-long fan and collector of science fiction. This means there is an inherent understanding of customers’ needs, with good customer service a top priority, alongside a desire to provide a wide variety of products and ranges. Originally largely specialised in the owner’s particular passion, Transformers, they now offer a diverse and expanding variety of classic, retro, nostalgic and contemporary brands and characters. Their largest and most popular ranges are currently Doctor Who and DC Comics merchandise, which include posters, mugs, bags, keyrings, toys and much more.

Despite the name, they’re not limited to science fiction, with products drawn from the many worlds of science fiction, fantasy and cult; we cover film, TV, comics and video games.

Here’s hoping you find what you’re looking for – or maybe even something unexpected that you’re not!

For more information and latest news, visit them in all the usual places: