Electric Soup Cover

Padam Singh

As we move in to another week, I’m happy to announce that Padam Singh will be joining us for a Q&A Art session, as well as freehand drawings at the show. This is an exciting one for us! Padam Singh is a Glasgow based writer and comic book illustrator and was one of the principle creator and contributors to the Glasgow cult underground humour comic book called Electric Soup, which ran from 1989 to 1992. ┬áThe humour was very Glaswegian and was initially influence by Viz however it had its own unique style and can be argued was more superior in its artwork and writing. Padam’s principle character was ‘Billy Pope’ a protestant bigot who had an accident and was a given a blood transfusion from a Catholic resulting in a split personality who then hilariously lampooned West Coast sectarianism. The story would always end with Billy being at the receiving end of a fist or a boot.

His other notable charters where Spandex Sue and Shat Ma Tandoori. ┬áSpandex Sue was a parody of a comic book character called Barbie Wire, however she was more psychotic with a dry and lethal west coast sense of homour. Shat Ma Tandoori was based on real people he knew from the Indian restaurants industry back in the 80’s; the stories weren’t too far away from the truth!

Padam now mainly produces illustrations for magazines and design agencies, he occasionally does commissions of comic book characters requested by diehard soup fans.