Dr. Who by Dave Charlton-Whitaker

Art of Dave Charlton-Whitaker

Day 2!

Here it is, everyone, our first guest! We’re proud to announce that Dave Charlton-Whitaker will be doing live art demonstrations. Come along and have a look at what it takes to go from sketch to finished piece.

Dave loved art as he was growing up, however joined the British Armed Forces as he left school. Dave served as a combat engineer and Physical training instructor for 7 years and is now a personal trainer and life style coach.

After purchasing a stylus, a pen and some software, Dave reignited his passion for art and has had a crazy 3 years leading us up until today.

I hope you’re looking forward to see how Dave’s art comes together live as it happens. I know I sure am!

You can find more of Dave’s work in the following places: